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Coaching inquiries

Thank you for your interest! We are delighted that thanks to the generosity of many hundreds of people, we have more than enough US-based coaches currently registered on the platform. We may need more in future, but right now we are pausing the onboarding of new coaches.

However, if you lead a large coaching organization, with credentialed coaches that have high levels of training and experience (e.g. ICF PCC), and you would like to register your interest in supporting any future waves of expansion, feel free to use this form to put your name on file with us. And if your coaches are based outside the US, please also feel free to get in touch. Please first read this briefing note which explains how the program works, so you can see if it's a good fit for your coaches. Then fill out the form below to tell us more about your coaching organization. We'll keep your information to hand and will get in touch when there's a need. Thank you. 

Sadly we can't onboard solo practitioners due to the administrative challenges of verifying individual credentials. We'd ask you to please not submit the form if this is your situation - we will not be able to respond. It's tough, because we know that there are thousands of excellent solo practitioners, and we're of course delighted you're interested. We hope you understand, and can find another outlet for your generosity - perhaps by contacting your local hospital directly.

If you are part of an organization that has already affiliated with us, wonderful - please go back to your organizational sponsors rather than filling out this form, as they already have all the information you need to get onboarded. 

Thank you - we're so grateful for your willingness to contribute!

Thanks for getting in touch!

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